Our modern, world class machinery allows PLF to offer our valuable customers superior metal parts from plate, sheet and any structural shape up to 60’ long

Beamcut Robotic Plasma Cutting System

PLF’s beamcut can profile any metal structural shape from 36” diameter to 2”.

The diversity of this machine allows PLF to offer efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Fiber Laser Cutting

PLF’s fiber lasers are a cost-effective method to produce the cleanest and smoothest edges with high levels for speed and accuracy. Cutting gauge metal up to 1” thick steel plate the intricate cutting of our lasers allows the PFL team to process our customers parts as efficient and ease.
PLF is proudly Saskatchewan owned, operates in a 28,000 square foot heavy metal facility in Saskatoon. Our diverse modern world class equipment, experienced expertise and reliable customer service allow PLF to provide a large variate of metal products from plate, sheet and structural steel to our valuable customers.
  • Save fabrication time by utilizing our structural beamcut machine which has a 6 axis robotic head which can process any structural shape up to 36” in diameter and 60’ long.
  • Avoid additional welding by utilizing our large 10’ x 55’ plasma table that can cut sheet along with plate 12” thick.
  • Need accurate, scratch free aluminum parts? Our 8’ x 20’ router table can process any aluminum part up to ½” thick.
  • Our 2 press brakes along with our skilled operators will bend the cut parts to precise expectations.
  • PLF’s modern deburring machine ensures our customers production ready parts or a custom finish to meet the projects requirements.
  • PLF also offers custom metal components and assemblies services to our valuable customers.

Plasma Processing

PLF’s platinum cut plasma / oxy table with it’s large 10’ x 55’ table can process sheet and thick plate with ease. Our customers appreciate the flexibility and size of this equipment which has further expanded our diversity.

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Alpha Lazer

We have installed 2 new Alpha Lazer’s which are operating 18 hours / day

PLF’s Two high-speed Fibre Lasers with 6′ x 12′ tables can produce complex shapes and Intricate designs with precision accuracy and minimal material waste. Our scribing services can produce permanent and durable markings for item identification, bend lines or for further production requirements.

Consistent and reliable production ready parts

PLF can meet large and small production requirements whether it be deburring, slag grinding, edge radiusing, paint/surface preparation, finishing/polishing, or a combination of these applications.

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